Trauma Healing

We have all experienced trauma, some much more than others, but it seems to be an unavoidable part of the human experience. One of the universal truths about trauma is that it lives in the body. “The issue is in the tissue” as they say.

One of the ways to heal the painful effects of these memories is by bringing healing to the body.  My preferred technique to meet this need is called The Healing Code. The Healing Code is a style of prayer and an energy self-healing technique that was developed by Dr. Alexander Loyd. It is a surprisingly simple technique that you can learn in a matter of minutes and is effective for releasing the stuck energy around a traumatic memory or a limiting belief. 

You may not even be aware of the source of a difficulty, but might simply be having unexplainable experiences like extreme stage fright, or flying into a panic every time your dog barks, compulsive eating, or an insatiable need to work overtime. This technique gets into the root of these types of challenging emotions and habits.

The result is a sense of freedom from perceived limitations that you assumed would always be with you. It is remarkable how your perspective can shift when you have a sense of agency in your life. I encourage you to empower yourself and take an active role in your healing. Learning this technique can be an integral part of the work we do in Spiritual Counseling. Call or book to get started.