The Artist’s Way

Creativity is a spiritual path. The Divine is inherently creative in nature. Unfortunately, many of us either believe we are not creative or in some way find our creativity to be stuck.

I have excellent news! We are all creative beings. It is in our nature to create and it feels good to do so.

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron has created a comprehensive, time-tested roadmap for finding your way to your natural creative expression. This might be baking or gardening, painting or song writing, building a business or redecorating your home, writing a short story or designing a website.

The point is not what form this expression takes, but that you are expressing your unique, one-of-a-kind self. This opens the door to living – to a life that is full and fun, joyous and reverent.

The Artist’s Way is a process that is best done with support. I can offer you that support. If this interests you, as part of your Spiritual Counseling process, I can accompany you on your own personal journey through this transformative process. It all begins with the first step! Call or book here.