Thank You! The session was beyond my expectations. Sitting with you really brought me some much-needed clarity. I appreciated your honesty and forwardness. You provided me with some great tools to move forward in my life. It really was an amazing experience. I feel much more grounded and sure of myself. Expect to see me again soon :)
— Chris R
I really want to say thanks for doing my reading the other week. You have a talent. You spoke a lot of truths. You listened. You made me feel comfortable. You gave me more useful advice in one hour than my therapist has given me in ten. And, I believe what you said will help me. So many, many thanks for taking the time!
— R.S.
My session with Brian was very powerful. It is still very present for me several days after we worked together. Brian works in a very gentle, beautiful way. He anchors a peaceful energy which allows not only clear guidance to come through, but also brings forth a soothing, healing energy that I could feel working on me throughout our session. Brian is patient and allows the information to come on it’s own time ... never forcing anything or talking to fill space, he uses silence to open the channels for guidance and healing. Through our session I was able to see into parts of myself that had remained in the shadows for a very long time. I left him feeling at peace, with a deep knowing and trusting in the perfect flow of All things. I strongly recommend working with Brian if you are ready to heal and empower yourself.
— Tristan
Brian Relph has an insight and depth like no one I have ever worked with before. He is able to translate sensitive information, deliver it with tact and support you through growth in the most compassionate way. I have known Brian for close to 30 years and with each year his intuition deepens, his connection to the cosmos increases and his love for humanity expands. I would recommend Brian to anyone that needs guidance for personal growth or a direct connection to the universal mysteries.
— Dia Penning, Social Justice and Yoga Educator
Brian performed a reading for me four months ago. I asked for help with some unknown areas in selling a property and purchasing a new one. I also looked for guidance with some behaviors with my children. His insight was very matter fact, tactful and enlightening. He has a wonderful way of delivering the hard truths that you may have been short sighted in seeing. The wake up was a bright light that guided the path to achieve my goals. I have accomplished what I sought to do! He also provided some beautiful truths about my children that immensely helped me in building stronger relationships with them. I would recommend Brian to anyone that seeks a productive reading full of truth and for folks that are ready to ‘open their eyes’. His demeanor is calm, strong and kind. I left feeling lighter, calmer, brighter, clearer and inspired.
— Alicia MacDonald
The consultation we completed last week is still rolling around in my brain. It was remarkable. You were accurate beyond measure, insightful and gentle, yet direct and to the point when needed. The images and pictures that you painted throughout the hour were both compelling and on target. It’s clear to me that you allow yourself to be the messenger, without filter or spin, and for me that combined to deliver not only confirmation of many underlying decisions I’d been wrestling with, but also great insight and new perspective that was wonderfully helpful.
— Eric Webster
I gained much insight and clarity from my Akashic Tarot reading with Brian. I was able to hear difficult truths and come away feeling empowered in my next steps because of his skill as an intuitive reader and his caring nature. I immediately felt at ease and confident I was in good hands because of the integrity with which he opened and maintained our session. He consistently asked penetrating questions of me and the Tarot that lead to my more deeply understanding the nature of my question and the areas of my life to which I must attend. Brian offers a unique and much-needed balance of gentle care and strong truth telling. If you are looking for quality guidance in your life, I highly recommend you enlist Brian’s support.
— Debra M., Finance Director, Berkeley CA
Brian, as a reader, has two particular ways (amongst many) about him that I would consider incredibly valuable. One way is that as a human he is highly personable and graciously insightful. The other is that he has, truly, a strong tap into something deeper, something loving and something that throbs through the unification of all things. His readings are a thread that weaves these together in such a way that they are both helpful and inspiring, but also satisfying and fun too.
— Joe S.
Since my Intuitive Tarot Reading with Brian, my life has burst forward in a very beautiful way. The cards that came up and Brian’s interpretation reflected exactly what was happening in my life at that moment. The session and Brian’s intuitive insights seemed in many ways like a life coaching session, because of the pragmatic advice and practical steps he offered.
My question: What belief am I holding that is preventing me from moving forward in my life, including my creative projects? The answer: The belief that I was not the boss of my own life.
During the reading, I also realized that I was holding another belief that was impacting my life: Small filmmakers cannot make a living in Asheville.
One strong bit of advice that Brian gave me toward the end of the session really impacted my choice of living spaces as well. “Remember to keep your dream home in mind.” If those words had not been said, I might have ended up in an apartment and complex that I would have not been happy with. Instead, I paid the administration fees to get on the list of my number one choice...and the perfect apartment (ground floor end unit) became available shortly after. Also, as I made that choice to make a step toward my own desires, the house I was renting (owned by my sister) got an offer from a buyer, which was a great relief to her. I highly recommend Brian Relph to anyone who feels stuck in their current situation or desires guidance and deeper insights into their life. I left the session feeling empowered and truly knowing that I am the creator of my own life!
— Donna, Asheville NC
After the reading you did about my career questions, I feel like something shifted inside me. I felt an incredible relief, focus, and excitement about my future. Everything you said rang true in my heart. I had been struggling with what direction to go for a long time, but I left our session with a new certainty about my path and a motivation to get started. I can’t thank you enough!
— Amy R.
Working with Brian has been an incredibly rewarding experience. His gentle approach to healing has allowed me to gain perspective on aspects of my life I’ve had difficulty facing. Anyone interested in looking deeper into the heart of their journey would surely benefit from his guidance.
— Erin R.
Participating in an Akashic Tarot consultation with Brian Relph happened at a time when I found myself facing a crossroads in life. Brian’s relaxing nature made it easy to divulge details about my past personal and professional life experiences that lead me to the fears I was now facing as an artist, father and husband. Without judgement, Brian’s intuitive feedback allowed me to re-examine where I had been and where I was headed with a fresh positive perspective. It’s been a month since our discussion and Brian’s intuitive and healing guidance continues to resonate for me on a daily basis, helping me navigate my fears and conflicts with positive and constructive affirmations.
— Brian L.