Soul Contract is a powerful tool developed by Frank Alper (1930-2000). It is a specific system which can be used to understand, on a soul level, the challenges you have brought with you or inherited in this lifetime, the goals your deeper being has set for you, and the hidden assets that are at your disposal.

Take a look at the chart pictured here. Your chart will look similar, but have its own unique arrangement or energies. What this offers us is a way of mapping and understanding the deeper themes of your life and how you might navigate them more skillfully in order to heal painful old wounds, find a sense of fulfillment, and reach your highest potential.

Take Carl for example. In his young life, Carl wrestled with a deep inner conflict between his love of God and his feelings about the hypocrisy he perceived in the Church. The number 20 in Carl’s chart is representative of the experience of inner-conflict – feeling torn between what one’s heart desires or knows to be true, and beliefs that are imposed from the outside.

Let’s take a look at one more aspect. The numbers 22 and 12 in Carl’s chart indicate a soul level desire for him to leave a legacy, to tap deeply into his wisdom and leave a kind of personal “dissertation” for his fellow man to benefit from long after he is gone. In his lifetime, Carl wrote 12 books and countless articles which have shaped how we view ourselves, both personally and collectively. His ideas have been foundational in analytic psychology, dreamwork, self-help, spiritual growth, and even in the worlds of marketing and human resources. Of course, Carl Jung did not have the benefit of seeing his soul contact chart in his lifetime, but you do.

This tool for self-understanding can be used directly by getting a Soul Contract Reading and learning about each symbol, or indirectly by organically folding it into the flow of our Spiritual Counseling sessions. Using this framework as a backdrop, I will invite you into certain areas of exploration that might prove to be beneficial. As always, it is up to your discernment to know what feels true and correct for you. No dogma will be imposed. Let this be an invitation to deepen your own self-exploration.

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