There is a still center within you, a place where you can take refuge in times of stress or overwhelm. The more often you visit this place, the easier it gets to be there and stronger the experience becomes.

As part of our work together, I can help you set up and stick with a practice of regular, consistent mediation. Initially, it helps to meditate with a partner or group, so if you are interested, we will spend some time on this in every session.  

There are countless styles and approaches to a meditation practice. One is a simple, silent style of meditation, often referred to as mindfulness meditation, insight mediation, or vipassana. This experience provides the important opportunity to develop a “witnessing consciousness” – your ability to be aware of your experience.

In time, you will be able to simultaneously have a thought and also be aware that you are having a thought. The same goes for feelings. You can have an emotion and also witness the experience of having that emotion. This allows you to have some objectivity or perspective on your story.  

It can also be very helpful make use of guided mediations, so if this is your preference I can guide you through some of my favorite practices.