Something is Missing

You don’t know what it is, you only feel its absence. A kind of void. Maybe you thought this void could be filled by graduating from college, by reaching your career goals, by starting a family, by finally reaching retirement, by doing all the things we’ve been told to do.

It Didn’t Work

The problem is, we live in a culture that does not know how to create depth, connection, or a sense of meaning. Looking for answers within that paradigm will not solve the problem.

You Feel Lost

Going around in circles is frustrating. You cannot get to the next chapter of your life because Life is still trying to teach you something in this chapter.

There is a Path

Each of us has unique lessons we must learn in this life and a path that our soul wants to walk. Because our culture does not give us the map, it becomes very difficult to navigate this unknown terrain.

This is a Terrain of the Spirit

As with any unknown terrain, it helps to have a guide. In this case, a Spiritual Guide.

Who to Turn to?

In the past, many of us turned to organized religion to get our spiritual needs met; but, increasingly, this no longer feels like a good fit.

A Personal Connection with the Divine

Doctrine has its place, but eventually we outgrow it. We need to go directly to the Source.

You are the Source

The only way to connect with this Source is by going within. As your Spiritual Guide, I can help you go within.

I Trust You

Every answer you need is inside you. Everything you think you’re missing is right at your fingertips.

My Job is to Help You Find It