Deep Listening

Tell me something about yourself.

Have you ever had the experience of someone listening deeply to your story, to your fears and your dreams? Have you had someone listen without preparing to respond, without commenting, giving an opinion, or flying off into their own narrative? This is the essence of Deep (or Holy) Listening and it is the foundation of the work I do as a Spiritual Director.

Being heard in this way is such a rare occurrence in our goal-driven society of busyness and accomplishment. Who has the time to simply sit and listen?

Something powerful happens when you are heard in this way. You begin to feel safe and courageous enough to dive deeper into the layers self-understanding, into the sub-stratum of your unconscious, into the mystery of existence and your place in it, into an understanding of what it means to BE.

The simplest questions are often the most profound, so invite you to explore this one: 

Who are you?