What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling is a practice in which I hold space for you and serve as a companion as you walk your life path and discover all that the universe has to offer you.  This is a chance for you to investigate and honor what is unfolding in your life and in your spiritual practice.  If spiritual practice has never been a part of your life, you might use this work as an opportunity to explore new practices that might be resonant for you. If you are feeling ready to step away from the faith of your upbringing and see what else the world of spirituality has to offer, this is a safe space in which to undertake that exploration.  If you are excited about what your spiritual life is showing you and need someone to share your enthusiasm with, I am here.  If you simply want to deepen your relationship with yourself, come and sit with me. This is an opportunity to reach toward whatever might be calling to your heart.


The traditional name for this work is Spiritual Direction.  This term dates back many centuries and over those centuries, the practice has evolved. In actuality, spiritual counselors typically do not do much "directing"— particularly those like me who use a non-directive, interfaith approach. I don't tell people what to think, what to believe, how they are supposed to feel, or what to do in any specific circumstance. Rather than offering easy answers or quick solutions, this work focuses us on the difficult questions our lives present to us and helps us to make careful and soulful discernments, supported by a sympathetic companion.


We live in a world that is full of stimulation and distraction, opinion and conflict.  What many of us need is to slow down, switch off, and spend some time within.  That's an easy sentence to write, but doing so is sometimes another matter. A session of spiritual counseling can be a refuge where we can leave the chaos of the outside world and sit in a space of safety and reflection.  It is also very rare in our world to have someone simply listen to your story, without offering an opinion or jumping into their own story. The deep listening that takes place in this work offers you that opportunity, the chance to be heard. If you would like to thrive rather than simply survive, this work is for you.